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How To Videos

Click here to see "how to" videos on how to share your info with other phones, activating your Dappy and how Dappy direct works. 

General Questions

Dappy is the fastest way to share your social media, contact information, business, music and much more. Just hold your Dappy to someone's phone and instantly share anything.

The other person doesn't need a Dappy or an App to receive your information.

You can choose wether you want people to be sent to your full Dappy profile where they can see all of your links & information or directly to one of your platforms/links instead of to the full Dappy profile.

How To Dap An iPhone: Click here

How To Dap An Android: Click here 

The other person doesn't need a Dappy or an app to receive your info, only you need one to share your information with others! 

Yes, you can dap anyone if they have a compatible phone. The other person doesn't need an Dappy or an App to receive your information. However, some phones are not compatible with the technology we are using to read NFC such as earlier versions of iPhone (iPhone 6). You can find all compatible devices here: Compatible Phones! 

No personal password is required to connect your socials or business information. You will only need to enter your username or desired URL. 

If Dappy Direct is activated people will be sent directly to your desired platform or link instead of to your full Dappy profile!

How to use Dappy Direct: Click here 

Below you can see videos on how to share your info with others.

How To share your info with An iPhone: Click here

How To share your info with An Android: Click here

Your Dappy holds a web address to your public Dappy profile, which only holds links you choose to share publicly. You can always toggle which links are visible on your public profile. With Dappy direct you can choose to send other directly to one of your links instead of to your full Dappy profile. (for example, directly to your website, instagram, linkedin profle)

We use Google's encryption algorithms to protect your information, and will never share or sell it to 3rd parties. 

You can add as many Dappys to your account as you want! Add another Dappy simply by activating it inside your Dappy profile and it will be linked to the same profile. 

If positioned correctly, the Dappy doesn't interfere with wireless charging. Make sure you position your Dappy away from where your phone uses wireless charging (for iPhones, it's at the center of the back of the phone). We recommend positioning the Dappy at the bottom back of your phone. 

You can easily rearrange your links by holding down on the desired link and drag it to where you want it to be positioned.  


All phones can use Dappy to share their profile and most can read it. You can see what compatible phones can read the Dappy here: Compatible Phones!  

Yes! Dappy works through 99,9% of all phone cases. However, if your case has a layer of metal it may not work. 


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Our warehouse is located in Southern Sweden. 


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